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Pension help and advice

Whilst a pension is a suitable option for Retirement Planning, it is a complex financial instrument which is the subject of many Inland Revenue rules and regulations.

It is important to take advice when you start a pension. Alternatively if you have a previous pension, you should have regular pension reviews throughout the term, to ensure that you are on track to achieve your retirement goals.

When you reach your retirement date, you will have many options available to you. It is vital to make the right decision here and you should seek advice to ensure you do not make a costly mistake.

An adviser sourced from the Pension Adviser Network will be able to help you with these important decisions.

Retirement planning

Careful planning for your retirement is vital if you wish to achieve your retirement goals and enjoy later life.

Retirement Planning ensures that you have the most appropriate financial instruments in place to take advantage of the tax incentives and tax free allowances which are available.

Fund choices and diversification of assets are extremely important because your capital growth will influence your ability to stay on track.

Your old pension should be reviewed regularly to ensure that the fund is performing adequately and that it matches your current attitude to risk. You could also be paying high or hidden charges, which can eat into your eventual returns.

An adviser vetted by the Pension Adviser Network can offer you a one stop Retirement Planning Service.


Pension Drawdown is an alternative way of drawing your pension at your retirement age. You can still obtain your 25% tax free lump sum, and you are able to make withdrawals from your pension pot. However this is subject to many rules and regulations.

The Pension Drawdown regulations have now been revised in this year's Budget.

The most far reaching change has allowed more people to have access to their whole pension pot from April 2015. This means that many people may not have to purchase an annuity.

The comparison of Drawdown versus Annuity is a complex decision and you should always seek the advice of a regulated adviser. This will help ensure that you make the right choice and do not make a costly mistake.

Pension tracing service

Are you losing track of your old Pensions?

The Advisers chosen by the Pension Adviser Network all offer a Pension Tracing Service at no initial cost.

Your adviser will also be able to amalgamate any number of splintered pensions into one straightforward holding, which will make your retirement planning much simpler.

You can also utilise the Governments free to use Pension Tracing services available through the following links:-

You can use the services of an adviser from the Pension Adviser Network by entering your details on our contact us page, or by calling this number now Tel: 01772 789996

Why financial advice?

Expert financial advice is needed to ensure that you make the right choices to help you achieve your financial goals.

Your adviser will take time to get to know you and your financial goals and aspirations.

You will formulate plans together designed to help you achieve your goals.

The adviser sourced from the Pension Adviser Network will help you with the following key areas:-

  • Your goals and Aspirations
  • Your attitude to risk/reward
  • Diversification and Portfolio building
  • Choosing the right spread of funds
  • Analysis of fund performance
  • Ensuring tax effeciency
  • Look to get you lower charges
  • Make sure your plans are affordable
  • Compare your old charges with new charges
  • Arrange for your tax relief
  • Provide regular reviews to help you stay on track
  • Check out the best annuity rates
  • Give advice on Drawdown versus Annuity
  • Ensure that you are full covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme FSCS

Annuity Comparison

An Annuity is the financial instrument which provides you with your pension income.

For years many people have been buying an annuity from their pension provider without shopping around.

If you shop around for an alternative annuity quote, you will normally be able to get a better rate which means you will get a bigger pension.

A financial adviser sourced from the Pension Adviser Network will be able to compare your provider's annuity with quotes from the whole marketplace to see if you can get a bigger pension.

Annuities are complex financial instruments; there are other options such as impaired health annuities - so it is sensible to use a qualified financial adviser to get the best annuity for yourself.

The 2014 Budget has impacted on retirement issues and will most likely result in annuities being used less often. From from April 2015, Drawdown is likely to become a more popular option. We recommend that you seek a qualified financial adviser to help you make the right choice.

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