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Inheritance: How Intestacy changes could affect you

By Editor October 10, 2014

As from the 1st October 2014 the rules which apply to those who die without making a will have changed.

Those with less than £250k are not affected as the new rules apply to estates above £250k only.

The major change relates to parents and distant relatives who will now get nothing under the new rules because the surviving spouse gets the whole estate.


Death of the Death Tax...

By Editor October 6, 2014

George Osborne has announced that from April 2015 pension funds will not be subject to the 55% pension tax upon the death of the planholder. This was commonly known as the death tax.

This means that individuals will be free to pass their remaining defined contribution pensions to any nominated person when they die, and the 55% tax charge will not be applied.


Which? Magazine promotes free pension guidance...

by Editor September 22, 2014

You may have seen the recent Which? Magazine TV advert about their 'Free Pension Guide', we couldn't help but notice that they are actually endorsing all of the information contained on the Pension Adviser Network website.

The recent announcement about the budget changes and how they will affect you and your pension is a hot topic and the Which? Pension Guide helps to explain 'the great pension shake-up' as well as providing guidance on 'income drawdown'.

Which? have correctly identified many of the key areas relating to 'Pension freedom, April 2015', and they claim that "the pension changes are going to affect most of us" which is true.