Pension Review

Pension Review

Your pension is one of the most important assets you will ever own. With a pension you are looking to secure a financially sound journey through the later stages of your life.

Most people seek advice when they start a pension, however over the years our needs and aspirations change.In a similar vein the pension industry has also undergone multiple changes which may have impacted on your pension plan.

We all understand that a car needs servicing an MOT or its tyres changing, a garden needs maintenance and mortgages and insurance policies need to be checked for cost efficiency and appropriateness.

Similarly your pension needs a review or healthcheck by a profesionally qualified expert to asses the following areas:-

  • Is my fund performance adequate
  • Are my hidden charges realistic
  • How risky is my fund in the current climate
  • Is my portfolio sufficiently diverse
  • Is my pension on track to meet my goals
  • Can my pensions be amalgamated into one better pot
  • Who is controlling and looking after my pension

Here at the Pension Adviser Network we have sourced and can provide you with fully regulated and approved advisers who can undertake a pension review on your behalf.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that all of our advisers are pre vetted by us and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Don't delay any longer go ahead and request your pension review contact us.

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