Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Careful planning for your retirement is vital if you wish to achieve your retirement goals and enjoy later life.

Retirement Planning ensures that you have the most appropriate financial instruments in place to take advantage of the tax incentives and tax free allowances which are available.

Fund choices and diversification of assets is extremely important because your capital growth will influence your ability to stay on track.

Your old pension should be reviewed regularly to ensure that the fund is performing adequately and that it matches your current attitude to risk. You could also be paying high or hidden charges, which can eat into your eventual returns.

Retirement Planning is a goal based proceedure; you need to decide what your retirement goal or objective is, then you need to determine how much you need to build up in your retirement pot to achieve your goals.

Once your goals have been established and quantified, then the most appropriate investment vehicles need to be chosen.

Pensions attract valuable tax relief so they are ideal for retirement planning; other investments can also be used in conjunction with a pension to help achieve your desired outcome.

Your adviser will take time to ensure that the most suitable financial products are used; he will also ensure that they are affordable and that the chosen funds are adequately diverse and that they meet your risk to reward profile.

A good adviser will provide you with on-going support which will include regular pension reviews to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your financial goals.

Should a shortfall become apparent you can take the necessary remedial action before it is too late.

An adviser vetted by and sourced from the Pension Adviser Network can offer you a one stop Retirement Planning Service.

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